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I was impressed by the stark work of Mark Demsteader  and I wanted to try out a similar style. I did the one of Arthur first and although I haven’t got the aggressiveness of Demsteader’s style I like the stark tonal work on the warm background.With the second model I added more colour and did far more on the torso, but as I only had a part face to work on I wanted a more of a challenge,  besides, I was taken by the folds in the model’s flesh.

Perhaps I should try mixing the pastels with water and reduce some of the intermediate tones. Another day.

More figurative work is on my website



  1. Thanks. I was pleased with them too. I don’t know why they work so well. As I said I was inspired by Mark Demsteader’s work and wanted to try it out. I wouldn’t have got this effect in charcoal – a medium I use a lot. With charcoal I normally use white cartridge paper. Here I used toned paper, so maybe I should try charcoal on toned paper. However with the toned paper you can use white which isn’t an option with charcoal, but I could always use white pasteI. I notice Demsteader uses white a lot, far more than I did and creates a much more punchy style moving from very dark to white.
    Its amazing that simple changes can have a big effect.


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