Well there are a few problems with this but I’ll publish it anyway. I like the light on the boats and may do it again, making the boats bigger to fill the foreground. But, in my humble opinion  there are some good aspects as well, so here it is.

It is a similar subject to a painting I saw Joe Dowden had got published in a UK painting magazine years ago. He had blurred the marker flags on the single boat and you got the feeling of a very stiff onshore breeze. I was impressed and called the number at the end of the article. I asked Joe whether he did any courses. He then started to ramble on about cats and dogs and after a few minutes I couldn’t see where he was going. I rephrased the question and asked about lessons. Oh, he replied, I thought you said , did I do horses. I could hear a burst of laughter on the other end of the phone from people around him. At the time he didn’t, but years later he started running courses in Dubrovnik and I went on one. It was very good. Joe is a great teacher. His books are good to, full of very useful techniques, some I have used on this painting. He has a great website too.

I also have a good website:


  1. Nicely done (and thanks for your recent good advice). I might have had the boats closer together … and added another flag on the boat. That’s all I can think of by way of constructive suggestions. : ) I will look for some drawing groups to get my sketching up to par. Cheers!

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    • Thanks Pedro, it’s nice to hear that your work influences others. It’s the only way to progress – getting on and doing it. Best of luck.

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