I was waiting for the paint to dry on an oil I am doing at the moment so I was looking around for something to do and picked on this. I still need to practise the undergrowth. I struggled with the bracken on the painting before last and am still struggling. The temptation is to go really loose which can look dynamic with splatter and runs but lacks form and I was trying to find some middle way. I was pleased with the mossy rocks and flow of the water. I might have another try at this.

Other Lake District paintings are on my blog


  1. Graham, your work is so beautiful, always, no matter the medium or the subject chosen. (I realize I’m not saying anything new here.) I’ve always wanted to visit England, and when I see paintings like these, I feel I’ve come one step closer. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to paint like this, but seeing your work gives me hope. I was raised to believe that if person A can do it, I can too. That may not be true in this case, but the hope is alive and well today. Thanks for sharing your work with us.


  2. Yes, exactly…it’s just time and practice,…nothing more than that and you will be able to draw and paint even better.


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