Having put some flower paintings into an exhibition that is about to open and  having the good fortune in just selling one, when I was offered a place in a local exhibition at a garden centre, stocks of suitable paintings were low. So at present I am trying to get a few to put into this exhibition which starts next week. This is my first attempt. Normally I work in watercolour but I wanted a sustained saturation of colour and opted for acrylics. It is amazing how these crocuses take over the bare soil and blaze in the spring sunshine. They have now gone, taken over by daffodils which are themselves on the wane- spring is indeed uncoiling.

Other flower paintings are on my website: 


  1. Yup, looking on a phone, from bed, first thing in the AM, yeah! I follow lots of photographers. And I have crocuses just like this. I thought it was a photograph, at first. It’s really well done, I think.


    • Sometimes painters treat, it looks like a photo as an insult. And sometimes it is meant as an insult, though I know nothing was further from your mind.
      I don’t mind criticism, it is very hard to get and you can always reject it, but it is worth having, nonetheless.

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      • Oh, I’m so glad you told me that, because I had no idea. I did mean it as a sincere compliment. I appreciate constructive criticism, as well. I don’t feel comfortable handing it out, though, especially at my skill level. I’m glad you weren’t offended by my comment, because I do so admire your work.


  2. Isn’t it amazing how these crocus inspire? Implied, tell me if I am wrong, implied in the painting is the detailed observation of the crocus by the painter…the painter’s obsession with the color, the form, the very essence, the energetic presence of the crocus…am I wrong? Thoroughly enjoyed your crocus painting!


    • Thanks, the hues and tones of the purples and blues gave a busy mass that seemed to express the exuberance of spring and the complementary yellows and oranges of the stamens gave it further energy.

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