Still trying to get some floral pictures together for this exhibition at the garden centre. I abandoned this part way through and started another as I thought that it wasn’t working, but whilst waiting for the other painting to dry I picked up on this again and continued with it. After a bit of progress I was less disillusioned and worked it to completion. Looking at it through the lense of a camera I will be doing a bit more on it, but it is more or less finished. I will hopefully complete the other painting shortly.

Working under this pressure I am a little tighter and would like to have some looser compositions. However, with that approach comes risks and at the end of the day I want two or three floral paintings to put on the wall.

Other floral paintings are on my website


  1. Thanks for your comments Rebecca. I started with the purples and blues at the top and then felt that there was nowhere to go and put the painting aside. I picked it up later and mixed some greens into the lower part and realised I could connect the top and bottom and then decided to carry on. Glad I did.


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