A third painting for the upcoming exhibition in the garden centre. I got it completed in time to take in today. The exhibition seems a bit chaotic, but it will be interesting to see how it goes. Generally first exhibitions do well as you can be tapping into a new market, but after a few repetitions those that buy have no more room in their walls.

I need to go up and see how another exhibition near Preston is going. I entered a few years ago on their inaugural event and sold a couple of paintings, but now after  at least five years, I am not holding out much hope.

The exhibitions are coming thick and fast. I also have three painting down in Liverpool, which coincides with a festival they are having. The venue is a little out of the way and the theme was the Mersey which rather restricted what I could enter. Still, I was able to dig three out the archives.

Other paintings are on my website


  1. Why are my disparaging remarks about your “art” not allowed to be published?….accept praise and opprobrium with equanimity, macca….it shows Pathos, bud’.


    • Oh, good, you’ve come to the point, you don’t like my painting. I understand – it must have been hard. You join many others, I’ve no problem with your opinion.
      Oh, here, you’d better have your dummy back.


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