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Here are a couple of acrylic life studies I’ve done recently. I thought it was time for  change as it seems that the flower paintings are upsetting the pigeons. I used a wash of medium toned emulsion I found in the paint shed  as a background.

On the top one  I was using flat brushes  trying to build up texture with layers of warm and cool. A pity about her right foot. I cant believe I checked  it a couple of times, still its perfectly formed, even if I say it myself.

On the bottom one I used minimal tones to create form. I liked the way the model sat  with her head looking down. The trouble was she started to shift in the chair and despite trying to get her to resume her initial position she continued to rotate, so the great light on her right hand got very confused.

Other figurative paintings are on my website


  1. Thanks. It’s a good mid tone which has a fleshy hue. It certainly is easier than painting on a white background as there is nowhere to go to get anything paler in tone.


  2. Love the colors in the top acrylic one….funny, I was in a watercolor group this sunday, and the topic of live modeling came up and there was someone there that had experience….and she was remarking that it is very hard to sit still for any length and that the artists would get mad at her even if she blinked sometimes….So it is a common problem, or maybe not problem, afterall we are human….can’t be helped.


  3. Some move more than others and this one was in the latter category. Personally I don’t mind much, but she wouldn’t go back to her original position and when I had moved around and wormed my way into a position to get the lighting right it made it all the more galling.
    I always leave the detail of the hands and feet until the end as they always change, but on this occasion the whole orientation was wrong and with it the lighting.
    Well, there’s always next week.


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