We travelled to along the coast in the local train, passing the beaches and small villages of northern Corsica. At the end of the line I sat in a café at a small port of  L’lle Rousse and painted one of the alleyways that criss-crossed the town.


I started painting this yesterday morning but whilst I was drawing  it started to rain. Later that afternoon, when the sun came out,  I came back and completed the Citadel at Calvi. The buildings stayed the same but the shadows had shifted. I might have another go at it in the next few days in the morning and from a different angle.


This is an old abandoned boat on the dock at Calvi. I liked the way that it had been left high and dry with the grasses closing in on the hulk.


These are the woods alongside of the drive to the apartments where we are staying. It looks like they will be expanding into this field at some point. I was taken by the way the sun lit the trees. Whilst I sat in the grass a dog seemed to take displeasure in me being there and  at one point I thought it was going to attack me. When I stood up it thought better of it and vanished, but from then on I was looking over my shoulder in case it returned. They don’t talk about these perils in the art books.

Other paintings are on my website:


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