This was Rue Georges Clemenceau in Calvi. I had a wonderful vantage point, it was just that the wind was so strong I had to keep everything low to prevent it going over the parapet which made it difficult to work – bending over and mixing paint at my feet.  What with the wind and the tourists wanting to photograph me whilst I was holding on to everything, it was a real struggle. However it was a great scene with good contrasts. I will try another version when I get home.


This is the waterfront at Calvi  in the morning. Another great scene. It looks like they are building a fence around the harbour so riff-raff like me wont be able to get this view in future. There is another view I would like to do, but the last two days haven’t been very sunny. Hopefully I’ll get down there tomorrow.


I was sitting admiring the view of the harbour at Calvi when the boys came own for a spot of boules. I managed to get a few of them on paper. I also took some photos so I will try another version when I get home.


After a walk and a spot of lunch we sat down on the beach. So this was the view. Well nearly, there were a couple of cruise ships blocking the view, but I really couldn’t be bothered. I just wanted to pretend it was a desert island, with all the wine you can drink.

Other paintings are on my website grahammcquadefineart.com

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