I took one of the sketches I did whilst on holiday in Corsica and tried working it up into an acrylic painting. I liked the shapes of the buildings in this hill-top hamlet and wanted to reflect this in the foreground.I don’t think this has worked and need to take stock and seek another approach. I do like the village against the brooding colours of the distant mountains with the light reflecting off the rooftops, but the foreground needs further thought. I will try again in the next week or so..

Other paintings are on my website:


    • Yeah, your right, it doesn’t work. I want to echo the shapes of the buildings as well as getting some brightness in the foreground.
      At present I have two unrelated halves. I’ve just come back from holiday and was working on it this morning.
      I am hoping to have a common approach for some other hill-top villages I saw in Corsica.


  1. Oh my! I am not put off by what you have done here. I like seeing new ideas and new attempts in working through color and composition. This pleased me in that way.
    I placed my hand over the squares of yellow at the bottom and that first row with two blues and three greens and was really impressed with the image. The receding colored shapes popped my eye right to the buildings and I loved the image! I even liked it better than when I placed my hand over all the foreground shapes. Maybe lay a piece of paper over some of the foreground and take another look. I think you discovered a little something here!


  2. Thanks. As I said to Linda, the two parts just don’t gel, but I am happy with the buildings. I also like the build up of colour and form from the bottom, which I have use before, sort of creating an image from nothing.
    I also felt the buildings wanted some echoing of their shapes which I hoped I could achieve in the lead in.
    I’ve done some small scale sketches since ( and the painting I show isn’t the first version) and I think I may have some more options – though still roughly using the same thinking.
    I’ll show it when I redo the big version.
    Thanks for your interest and input.


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