This was from a watercolour sketch I did on site and some photos. I am a little disappointed with the outcome, but I’ll post it anyway. My first thoughts are that the  shadow areas are not dark enough and I may have made the central portion too wide. The shades where the figure is sitting could come forward more. Perhaps a few more people might help, although it was early morning and I have added figures from different sources to up the population a little in any case.

Anyway, it’ll give me more time to ponder on it. Sometimes it’s best to leave it a while and move on to something else and then come back rather than keep struggling. You  never know, this one might make a reappearance.

Other paintings are on my website:


  1. I hope it does reappear. There’s something about the alternating awnings from different sides of the roadway that add a lot of interest for me. This painting draws me in; I think it’s a good idea to put it to the side and come back to it. It wants to hold me inside it. Nice work.

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