I just wanted a tonal painting of the model, finding the light on his hands very interesting. Then I got distracted and started to add colour in line with the scarf he was holding to support his hands. Once I did that I applied the colour to his gold chain. I managed to halt the slide down the slippery slope, stop and get some fixative on it before any more damage could be done.

Other figurative work can be seen on my website:


    • They don’t allow cameras in the life room, so its working by the seat of your pants, snap decisions and going with it.
      There is distance between the face and scarf, so the scarf doesnt play directly on the face, but II think the colour ( probably most colours) helps in delineating the contours of the chest and makes the figure more 3D.
      In hindsight I could have not drawn ( or hinted at) the head and focussed on the tension of the hands on the scarf and around the neck.

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