I went into the life drawing session with my pastels and decided to try a blocking approach  that I have been using with my acrylics. I started without any drawing just putting in warms and cools in approximate positions. This lack of planning meant I only got down to the tops of the legs before  running out of paper. Once I got the patchwork in I then started the drawing.

Working on black paper seemed to give the work a lift and not rubbing or blending gave me a  pleasing freshness -although there are some areas where I succumbed to old habits, but that was mainly due to me not sketching out first and then having to correct.

I will have another think about the way forward, but I am reasonable pleased with the result so far. I will have another go this week if we get a decent pose.

Other figurative work is available on my website:

4 thoughts on “MARK -PASTEL PAINTING

  1. Wow! Super! Gorgeous colors! And it’s all so alive! I’ve never had the opportunity to do “live drawing” — seems daunting. Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

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