After my relative success with the pastel painting of Mark I posted on 19th November I made a similar approach at another session. This time I drew the figure before applying the pastel but I used a light support and this shows through, particularly in the darker passages where it seems to  have an unsettling effect, although I did use this effect in the hair as light was falling onto it and it partially works in this situation. I think the dark background in the picture of Mark avoids this issue in the darker areas and lighter passages are not affected by the dark background.

Normally I would put much denser colour down in dark passages as in this earlier painting I did, below, again on a lighter support.


Here I have worked into the ground to ensure the darks are not compromised, but if I want the light touch and textured finish I got with the painting of Mark, it looks like I need a darker support.

Looking at the two pictures makes me realise the effort that  goes into the posing we have at these sessions. Maybe I need to shift my position a bit, but the contra-jour you get in this studio with a long window down one side makes me reluctant to give up my slot.

Other figurative paintings can be found on my website:




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