I went to get some anti malaria tablets for an upcoming trip and was cycling back home along Shakespeare Street in Southport and was taken with the light bouncing off the cars and roofs. I stopped and took a few photos. The predominance of muted colours in the scene allowed me to  add dashes of stronger colour which seem to gain added dynamism by the surroundings.

The street is full of independent traders and at the far end on the right hand side past the red van is a lawnmower museum. It has got a bit of national recognition as a quirky enterprise  with many celebrities donating their old machines. I could say that this kind of thing is a characteristic of us British, but fairly recently  I was in France, in a small hamlet on the Canal du Midi, and at the end of the village was a hat museum. So I suppose this kind of madness goes on everywhere. Where ever someone has a rare passion for their interests.

More townscapes and paintings of Southport are available on my website:



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