I was asked to do a demo for a local art club. I did one there last year in watercolour, using a floral painting to explore ways of loosening up. It’s certainly something I could do more of myself and last year I looked at ways of loosening up in acrylics using square brushes. I have posted a number of paintings using this style. Here are a couple below.

Having run an art club myself I always hated demonstrators who hadnt planned their presentation and ended up not completing the piece – mainly because they waffled on too much at the beginning. So I thought I’d try the piece out and see how long it took. So here it is. I have posted the same subject before, but it had too many people in and I thought that this demo would give me an opportunity to explore a tighter composition, with fewer people. So  you might be seeing something similar in the future as a more finished piece.

Other acrylic paintings are on my website:




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