By taking up one of his yoga poses the model certainly stayed still during the session but the creases in the paper give the image a feeling of reflection from a liquid surface or maybe its just the drugs I’m on.

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This is a version of Lord Street 1 I did a few years back. I was  pleased with the painting, but it didn’t sell for a while and in the meantime I did some more and then I sold six different views in the street over a couple of years. This time someone wanted a retirement gift with the retiree and his wife in Lord Street, Southport (where I live) so we decided on this first scene. The trouble was when I went back to check it out a coffee chain had opened up in the area and I felt obliged to reflect reality, so I took some more photos and included a table, a few chairs, some signage  and someone puffing on a cigarette. I like the smoker, they add a bit more interest to the scene.

The client has just seen the photo and seems to like it- just hope he likes it in the flesh.

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P1140604(1)Meagre pickings today,  as I’m working on some other paintings and doing a commission, but I had to do a card for a birthday and chose some grape hyacinths as the subject. They seemed to shout at me as I was wandering around the garden. They do look good in the sunshine but are apt to take over so next week I’ll be cutting the seed heads off and later thinning out the bulbs.

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We just spent some time at my brother in law’s house in Durham. They live close to the river, so I took off in the morning and did some watercolour sketching whilst everyone was still in bed.

This first one is of Kepier Hospital just down the road, alongside the river. This building was constructed in the 12th century as an isolation hospital and this could be the gatehouse with a beautiful vaulted ceiling which is just visible. The stone work is visibly decayed. There are no signs telling you what this is,  so for many this could just be another farm complex, but when you look a little closer you realise that this is a very old building.


We then went down the river towards the coast and visited Finchale Abbey, a thirteenth century Benedictine abbey which was made the worse for wear by Henry 8th. I suppose the main route of communication was the river which linked this abbey, the hospital and Durham City with its cathedral.


Back again this morning I sat amongst the rising shoots of Japanese knotweed and painted one of the many farms on the slopes of the Wear valley in the warm morning sunshine. A dirty business, but someone’s got to do it.

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We’ve had a few good days around these parts lately so I got on the bike on a couple of evenings and headed off towards the sea with my watercolours. There’s a big dune system here which is initially populated by marram grass and then by firs and birch trees. I did the above sitting on top of a remote dune looking into the sun towards the sea. I was pleased with the contrasts which I increased by a bit of scratching out when I got home.


This second one I did last week of a Birch grove alongside Royal Birkdale Golf Club. This didn’t have the contrasts of the first one, though with a bit of better planning it could have done. Unfortunately I wasn’t so out of the way doing this one and got disturbed by dog walkers and, more problematically, their dogs. Still it was a lovely evening when I got some peace and quiet.

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Another pastel from one of our Peruvian train trips. Unlike the UK where rail tracks are fenced off, people sit, play and trade by the railway. After the train passes over some bridges you see heads popping up as they get back to the business of jumping into the river below.

In Juliaca in Peru there was a market which spread onto the railtracks. As the train came along, stalls were moved and stock was piled between the track for the train to pass over. Once the train was gone the stalls were restored for trading to continue.

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We wandered into Santiago Cathedral on Easter Sunday, sightseeing and unaware of the time. When we got in there was a service taking place, so we walked around the outside, but coming down the outside aisle came a procession with the head man. With incense and crosses they marched past us and I turned towards the main door and saw a lad holding out his hand. In the light there seemed a sense of spirituality, even to me.

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I had a photo of Asian horsemen fighting over the carcass of a goat. The horses in the shot exuded power and dynamism so I took the leading one and entered it for a horserace adding other contestants from  photos of races to try to get the feel of thundering horses galloping past at close proximity.

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