We wandered into Santiago Cathedral on Easter Sunday, sightseeing and unaware of the time. When we got in there was a service taking place, so we walked around the outside, but coming down the outside aisle came a procession with the head man. With incense and crosses they marched past us and I turned towards the main door and saw a lad holding out his hand. In the light there seemed a sense of spirituality, even to me.

Other paintings are on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


  1. What a beautiful experience you’ve brought to the viewers here, Graham! I just love the way you use light! I notice it every time I see one of your paintings. Does this just come naturally to you? Light is beaming from this. Even your nighttime street scenes have light as an obvious feature. Love this!

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    • Thanks Laura. I do look for scenes where I’m looking into light. It kills detail and leaves you with essence of the scene and also allows for lost and found edges which helps with intrigue.
      I find lighting is very important as it gives you form shadows and cast shadows thereby creating volume, so another lighting I like is the low light of morning and evening which is particularly enhanced in winter.

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  2. wow! Really like what you’ve captured here. There’s a poignant quality to this that sets it apart from the average painting. Such great light and just the right amount of looseness makes the viewer’s eye’s/mind work. Delightful.

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    • Thanks, as I said to Laura above, working contra-jour does create a sense of mystery and intrigue. I am always looking for opportunities like these when I’m out and the sun is shining.


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