Another pastel from one of our Peruvian train trips. Unlike the UK where rail tracks are fenced off, people sit, play and trade by the railway. After the train passes over some bridges you see heads popping up as they get back to the business of jumping into the river below.

In Juliaca in Peru there was a market which spread onto the railtracks. As the train came along, stalls were moved and stock was piled between the track for the train to pass over. Once the train was gone the stalls were restored for trading to continue.

Other paintings are on my website:



    • Thanks Laura. I think you’ve seen other pastel work as you liked my last pastel effort on 20th April. If you click on pastels in the category column you might remember a few.
      All media have their advantages and disadvantages and I like to have a go at most. The only trouble is that trying so many you spread yourself too thin and finish up not improving in any so I do focus on watercolour.

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      • April is my busy season in the office and the memory (and my sleep) are both much worse than normal! I do wonder about the wisdom of trying different mediums, and of course the cost of getting supplies for each can be steep too…..thanks, Graham.

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