I took a number of photos when out painting recently. This is from a photo of a view I have painted before, but not in watercolours. I liked the way the grasses worked against the farm buildings and it allows me to explore the depiction of foreground texture.

Other local scenes to Southport are available on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


  1. That’s a really lovely painting, I love how it is composed with the grasses to the forefront and the farm buildings almost silhouetted in the back. Also like the subtle, earthy colours used. Would love to be able to paint like this!

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  2. The grasses are my favorite, how in the world did you do this? In WC, very tricky. I like the contrast of the sun dancing on the grasses in the foreground with the misty smoky feeling I get from the building in the background. Just wonderful, Graham.

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    • Thanks Laura. The grasses were built up with masking fluid added at different stages throughout, wet and dry brush, taking out with a stiff flat brush and building back up and scratching out. Not going in too quickly with dark colour also helps, just building up slowly.

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