Another in the beach series. I wanted to do someone working on the beach, but I’m not sure about this – probably too much empty space. The guy is sucking up lugworms from their burrows with a pump device. You then use the worm  for fishing bait. In my day we had to dig them out and you had to  dig fast as they went down their holes as you dug. Still, if you dug judiciously you could dig down two holes at once and double your gain. It was certainly good for the biceps.

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I’ve been a bit busy this week with an exhibition running and another starting next week, I suddenly realised my blog needs a new posting. So here it is, continuing with the beach theme. A bit more colourist than my normal fair, but I suppose I need to  relieve the muted tones occasionally, just in the name of variety.

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Back to the beach series. I am quite pleased with this, well at least I am today. I rearranged the position and adjusted the pose of the two figures on the right, but other than that this is  how it was. I might add a wash of white over the background to give it a haze effect. We’ll see tomorrow.

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Well, I think I have enough local interest paintings for the upcoming exhibitions. I’ve already submitted eight for the first one and don’t have enough frames for the one after that, so I’ll be forced into selecting what I think are the stronger images. Now I can get back to  a set of seaside paintings which I  started to compile a few months ago. I’m not sure if this will be in the set, but I did like the gesture of the woman and I added a waiter from another image to give it more balance. The only trouble was all those chairs. They can get tedious.

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I was going to present a café scene today, but I got bogged down with all the tables and chairs so instead here are a couple of life studies. The top one was done today. I wanted to play with liquid acrylics but struggled on my easel and with one eye on the pristine floor of the hall we meet in, I decided to abandon the approach. Despite reverting back to brushes, I do like the effect that the liquid acrylics gave and need to work out a way of application.

The painting below was done with a palette knives and some brushes. It turned out a bit stolid, but you cant win them all.





I continue building up some long format paintings for an upcoming exhibition. I decided on doing a couple of local churches. The top one is Sefton Church. It is a view I’ve done before. I sold the first one in an exhibition at the town hall. Later I got a phone call asking for another painting of Sefton church as the mayor of Sefton wanted a present for a foreign visit, but they didn’t seem to like my other views of the church – well I didn’t hear from them again.

The other church is St Marys at Little Crosby, again from across the autumnal fields, but this time there is a little bit more detail as the light is coming from the right.

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I wanted to do a painting of the expanse of fields and woods that lie inland from Southport, where I live, just north of Liverpool . I’m a bit underwhelmed by the outcome, a game of two halves, in my opinion. I tried to put variation into the grass but it still doesn’t come off – just too much of it.

But this is how it looks – you just need to get it on a good day. Back to the drawing board.

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