If you’re thinking that you may have seen this before, you’re correct I have posted it once already. The reason why I am doing it again is that I entered this painting, along with a couple of others, into a national painting magazine competition and this has been shortlisted. Artists and Illustrators (the magazine) even published the image in their January edition along with a few of the other shortlisted paintings.

It’s the first competition I’ve entered as I have qualms with the validity of such exercises, but if it helps in  sales and exposure then I can be persuaded.

It will be part of an exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London at the back end of January, along with the other shortlisted entries and where a winner? will be announced.

There is also an online, readers’ choice award where you can vote for my entry, or one of the others if you choose, by going to: www.artistsandillustrators.co.uk/shortlist2017  

Other unshortlisted paintings are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com



  1. Thanks for your comment and vote, I appreciate it. Seems strange that a number of people have given me a like, but no vote – well they’ve not said anything – so maybe they didn’t like it enough, or does it indicate the vacuity of blogging?


  2. Sorry for the lengthy reply but I suspect some don’t read whole blogs especially those concerning visual arts. When users do comment it’s kept light; to see the picture is the thing. This particular painting has a depth to it that would make me very surprised if it did not win. As far as social media goes, I believe it takes an incredible amount of work to transmute posts into follower engagement and then sales. I don’t know if it’s the algorithms used or if there’s just a high degree of turnover of users but it seems a great deal of effort is needed if you want to be a serious blogger to retain and grow a customer base. I’m currently investigating social media for the co-op I paint with. They would like to increase their visibility to increase sales. I’m not sure it will provide them with what they’re hoping for based on their lack of technical/media experience. I blog myself with no agenda except to appreciate other’s creative talents and be happy when someone appreciates mine. It can often be just an exchange of pleasantries. Anything more and I fear I would be disappointed. So, blog if it works for you or if you find it fun. If not, then don’t, though I’ve yet to get to that point myself. Perhaps my expectations are on a different level. For my part, I haven’t found your blogs vacuous but informative and helpful. Perhaps more votes are coming! 🙂

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  3. I appreciate your comments. My expectations of blogging are also pretty low. I just thought that there might have been some more response from the regular bloggers who visit my page.
    I only started the blog at the suggestion of the guy who helps me with my website/computer glitches. He sold it to me as a way of increasing my Google footprint and getting more attention to my website. I am certainly selling more paintings off my website now, even thought it is an unsteady trickle, I think the blog can only help. There are some other advantages to blogging which I have since found, so I wont be giving it up.
    I also had a group who had high expectations of a website, so best of luck there. However, it is good to have a presence, but again don’t expect a lot. J Certainly, don’t get landed with the job of maintaining the blog/website – give that to one of those who made the suggestion.

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  4. Managing expectations seems to be the ticket. Glad to hear traffic and sales increased for your efforts. For what it’s worth I shared this post on my personal FB page in the hopes that some of my painterly friends might contribute a vote or two. Glad you’ll still be posting. Good Luck!

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