Well, firstly, seasons greetings to  all my reader. I hope 2017 turns out less fretful and more hopeful than it looks like it’s going to be around here at present.Still, it was hope which lingered after Pandora opened her box of tricks.

This image is for a company which uses my images. They asked me for something to illustrate “fresh cotton” scent, whatever that is. They mentioned cottages, cotton clothes on the line and greenery, so I took the image of  an old painting of mine which I had sold, found a cottage and added some sheets. I hope they like it. I think it really meets the brief, but then you never know.

Other landscapes can be found on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


    • Yeah, I think you’re right, Carol. I was trying too hard on for the theatrical entry and it makes it look like domestic bliss in a doll’s house. I suppose I could pull the foliage of the trees down and lower the sheets, but first I will see whether the client is as eagle eyed.
      I appreciate your comment, you get so little criticism in these forums and its very valuable having someone looking from a different perspective – if you’ll excuse the pun.

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      • You are gracious to put up with my nit-picking. To be clear I am not suggesting revising what you have done.
        Still, if you don’t mind my going on and on here, a wooden prop (a stripped sapling or 2×2″ lumber)was sometimes used to keep those sheets as high as you have pictured them. (It was removed so someone could hang sheets up or take them down.) But propping would make the line raise, or swoop up to a point, right at the prop, and then fall sloping somewhat toward each end. An excess of detail! Just information for next time maybe. But the angles are interesting to see. Please forgive me!

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