Another from my early morning ramblings. It was around here  later that my tyre got punctured and I was faced with a 3 mile walk home when I found out that my repair outfit wasn’t complete and I didn’t have a spare tube. I suppose that’s what can happens on your first outing of the year. I think I’m more organised now – even had the bike serviced.

Other landscapes can be found on my website for sale: grahammcquadefineart.com



  1. The colours are lovely, but the shadows are kinda odd. The sun is on the left, but the shadows are … wrong. Makes it look like the path is raised up rather than sunk down. Or perhaps the path IS raised. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

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    • Wrong, in the sense that they’re pointing the wrong way? No. A little theatrical, yes. I sense that the penny was dropping at the end when you say the path is raised up. Indeed it is, quite high. This is reclaimed land, used for agriculture and it is drained by ditches. The fields drop and the road stays at the same height. Then the road starts to sink in places so that it is like a raised roller-coaster over the surrounding fields. You don’t fall asleep on these roads as your car can finish up 20 feet down in the bottom of the ditch – and I’ve seen a few of those over the years. And as for speeders, they tend to have to get new exhausts.

      Bacon did say the role of the artist was to confuse, but this is just pictorial realism at its basic, with a touch of atmospherics. But then, I did see one artist who put a small spot of paint in the dead centre of his paintings just to confuse his audience – but I’m not the malicious type.
      Thanks Robert.

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      • Hahaha – I bow to your localised perception of the actuality of the road. 😀 Just watch out for your tail-pipe you speedster you! 😉 Since then I’ve looked at plenty of your work – you are a rather talented artist, Mr McQuade.
        Kindness – Robert.

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