I had a cull of some paintings recently and got out the grey undercoat and some left over emulsion and covered them over and took the toned sheets to a few life sessions. Here are the results. Each one took about an hour and a half, allowing for the tea breaks and socialising that goes on. The one above was mainly done with square brushes.


This one had a warmer background of my left over emulsion, again, mainly square brushes.


This was done mainly with a palette knife, accentuating the warm background with a cool palette

P1020466(1)aMeditating man, here I coated some of the surface in masking fluid to see what effect I got. I probably didn’t use enough.

P1020467(1)aAgain more masking fluid used and again, not enough  and again the use of square brushes.

Other figurative work is available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


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