I saw some work on a blog by an Israeli artist painting faces in blocks of colour which was very striking and this got me thinking. I didn’t want to paint a portrait and  I wanted some sense to the background so I came up with this. There is a bit more I might do to improve it,  this but essentially it’s done . The work I saw used bigger blocks of colour – something I wished I had done as I got into this, although I did want to have the patches smaller and more diverse towards the bottom. Mixing diverse colours from just six base colours and white you begin to get a little stir crazy after a while.

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P1020502(1)This view is from an early morning outing I did  at the end of April and from which I’ve already posted a number of paintings, around 6 I think  so it was a productive morning although I paid the price as my bike got a puncture and I had to walk the last 4 miles home.

This view  allowed me to play around with some textural work, something that I am experimenting with watercolour at the moment.

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P1020500(1)Some time ago I reported, after painting the plein air Downholland Farm I posted, that I had left my portable palette behind. When I came back to search for it I came in my car and had to park on some waste land and the easiest  way was to cut through this small copse. I loved the evening light coming in through the trees and the branches and trunks cutting across the scene  making an almost stained glass effect. When I came out of hospital last week I thought that I could do this in pastel and sat down and cracked on and produced this pastel below:


I thought that the pastel would allow me to get the criss-crossing branches easier and also allow me to work up the foliage catching the light in the shadows. I was unhappy with the results and decided to have another go in watercolour. I tried a  splattering approach  with the foliage on the watercolour and got some wonderful textures, but had to go over a lot of it in order to get the tonal contrast I was after. In the end the result was better but still it lacked the impact that I was after.

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I decided to work up a couple of paintings I did as plein air sketches and posted a few weeks ago. I was a bit disappointed with the results and am trying to work out why I feel this way.  I think this one could have been done with more textured  foreground and less of the ploughed field although I  do have a problem with  the large amounts of green that that might produce.


This second one might do with increasing the contrasts but again I am concerned with masses of green. I will leave both in the studio and mull over them whilst I get on with something new.

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Before my hip operation I tried to get out and about and do some plein air painting whilst I still had my mobility, but the weather quickly deteriorated towards the end of May so here are my only offerings. Ironically just over the hill and trees in this painting  is the hospital I had my operation in.

Actually when I came out here I thought that there were some better views, but as I walked about, what I thought could be subjects weren’t that good. This seems to be one of my problems with painting outdoors. Eventually I settled on this view, though I did enjoy painting in  the late evening sun.


I walked over the bridge and came down onto the canal bank and saw this narrowboat that I thought was mooring for the night. The low sun on it against the dark background was very alluring, so I set up to paint it. I got my initial drawing done, catching the owner on the back of it. I hadn’t even finished the drawing when the guy opened up the throttle and my subject sailed away. So I had to make it up and in so doing I think I lost a lot of impact. If only I had taken my camera. Another of plein air painting’s perils.

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I am in hospital at the moment getting a new hip joint as the old one gave up after years of sport.


So here are a few  of my recent life paintings,


I have been taking my pastels down to the sessions of late.


These will be the last life paintings I will do for a while until I get fully mobile again.


But what I might do in the interim is work up some of the quick sketches I’ve done as they can be more dynamic and interesting than these more static longer poses.

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P1020488(1)Another view of the lane that cuts across the moss behind where I live heading inland. Many a car has finished up in this ditch due to driver inattention. I love the misty light in the mornings here, probably caused by  temperature inversion on this low lying land. The road seems to roll out to infinity in the blinding light.

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