We only went for a few days to Dieppe, mainly to pick up some cider and salad dressing and allow for my wife to use a bit of the French she has been working on all year long. This sketch was done by a small village stream whilst we rested during a walk we did, picking up a grande randonee (long distance walking track) out of Dieppe. We didn’t have a map so it we didn’t know where it was going. I had hoped it would take us along the cliff-tops, but it veered off  into the country and took us here instead.


As the wife went to the market I took a few minutes on the beach, as the mist started to come in. Just enough time to get the distant cliffs before they disappeared.

Other landscapes and seascapes are available for sale on my website:


  1. I struggle with watercolours, your paintings are brilliant and quite vibrant in colour. Can I ask, do you sketch on your canvas before applying paint. Oh and do you colour wash your canvas. Hope you don’t mind me asking you, but you seem approachable and I am a Yorkshire woman !

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  2. Thanks. Ii always sketch first, unless I’ve forgotten my pencil. I always paint on paper. I find canvas can be water repellent – when I’ve used acrylic on some prepared canvasses I’ve had some problems with water repellency. You could put a ground on the canvas first if you wanted to put watercolour onto canvas.
    I don’t use a coloured ground for watercolour as I like the white of the paper – though I do uses a coloured ground with acrylics, pastels and oils.


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