I posted some smaller versions of this a few weeks ago as a trial, and following that I decided to work larger and prepared a canvas with seven layers of gesso to get a smooth surface, sanding down between coats. In the end the smooth surface didnt give the effect I was after which was to increase the flow and mixing of the paints. Still, I was able to develop the theme of searching out form in random marks which has grown whilst I have been working on these pieces – the propensity for the eye to search out otherwise  indistinct forms amid the chaos of random mark making, to try to gain insight and purpose into what has been presented.

I quite like this notion which feeds into other themes I have explored in my painting, so despite the setbacks at the start not all has been lost.

Other abstract paintings for sale are available on my website:


    • Thanks Eduardo. I’ve been looking at it in the studio and am a little dissatisfied. I may add a few more shapes and shadows yet – perhaps circular shapes. I think it could do with some more interest at the risk of pushing it over into ruination.

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      • I would overlap the rectangles with circles to maintain the harmony you’ve achieved. But there’s the problem: it sounds like you don’t feel you’ve achieved it yet…so that’s probably not in line with your unique expression. Do I recall that you prefer to stay away from symmetry? I’m interested to see what you end up doing.

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  1. Yeah, overlapping some of the upper shapes is worth considering -hadn’t thought of that. I’ll publish the result even if it’s part of another blog. I am going to cut out some shapes and move them around the canvas and see what works – though doing the shadow shapes may just be a case of winging it.

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