A rather rich confection on this post as I show you some of the poured acrylics I’ve done. I bought some Floetrol and silicone oil and started  pouring rather than the spreading I did with ‘Drop in the Ocean’ I posted on 30th October. Despite the Floetrol  I am struggling with getting the paints to flow in the way I feel they should, but I think I now know the answer.

The two above are small, 6 inches square and I tried a bigger one about 20×14 inches, see below, but it was when I was struggling with the flowing issue, so I ended up holding the canvas and spun it sharply in the air to get the paint to cover the surface. I suppose in the same vein as one of Damien Hirst’s pizza paintings – though he got someone to do his on a turntable and, unfortunately, it wont command the same price.


Having just watched a programme on the making of the Sergeant Pepper album this has that rich psychedelic feel of the sixties era. I was wondering about putting a face on it – maybe for later.

Talking of later, I put out a post called the Archaeology of Paint in October. Since then I have added to it, so here is the latest version. I think it is more satisfying, but is it the finished article?


Anyway, I wont be adding to it anytime soon as am off to Namibia and then on to Cape Town and the southern coast. Hopefully I’ll get some time to paint and post some images.

Other acrylic abstracts are available for sale on my website:


  1. Hi Graham, this is a very interesting technique you’ve been trying out and interesting results also. I love the look of “Archaeology of Paint”, looks finished to me but I’d be interested to see the results if you add anything to this. Enjoy your travels, sounds like an amazing trip.

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  2. Wow! I really love your style. Acrylics are my favorite, because they give such a thick and deep feeling. I am really interested in how everyone’s paintings are different depending on their emotions and their personality. Each painting shows who the person is. I can definately see a psychadelic and intense emotion from these. I hope to make something like this at some point. How do you do it? Check out my art for any suggestions, as I am just starting out from a family of artists.

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    • Thanks, these rely on the liquidity of acrylics, rather then the normal nature of thick bodied acrylics. This fluidity can be achieved by adding acrylic thinner to full bodied acrylics or by using liquid acrylics. There are many tutorials on the internet on poured acrylics. Take a look at them. They do give some very exciting results. Best of luck. If you need any more advice let me know.

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