So on to Stellenbosch to taste a few wines. I must admit I thought that the vineyards would be on the northern slopes in the southern hemisphere, but apparently not as I sat here facing north with the vines behind me, but I felt the mountain backdrop, with the grassland in front, was a better subject to paint .


Then on to Oudshoorn, further east. Here I sat at the gates of our hotel facing up to some of the shacks many of the black community live in. Some people’s housing in South Africa is appalling, although the whites seem to live in opulence, surrounding themselves with razor wire and electric fences. We have some pretty bad places in the UK, but nothing to what I have seen in South Africa. Someone said to me that they stable their horses in better conditions

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  1. I thought the blacks really improved things for themselves in South Africa after Apartheid. Razer wire is ment to Kill People. In Canada and the UK the only place you would ever see it would be at Millitary Bases. Its sad to think that the whites in south Africa think they need razor wire. Nice paintings you really captured the gardens and plants well.

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  2. Thanks Shawn. I think some houses have been built, but nowhere near enough. When two families are sharing an old container with all their kids you might think it bad, but I was told that they are luckier than many who live in self built buildings that leak when it rains.


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