Unexpectedly I was offered a couple of slots at a Liverpool exhibition so I thought it might be worth showing  some paintings of the locality that  I had done. I liked this one which was posted some time ago on the blog, but whilst framing it I decided it could do with another figure in the foreground so I added the man with the briefcase. The exhibition  is at a location I have never been to before so it will be interesting just to investigate the place when I take them down on Friday.

Other Liverpool paintings are available for sale on my website:


    • I agree. The young man is energetically pushing his way ahead while the other man with gray hair is standing somewhat awkward and stiff, setting his foot only halfway into the road. That matches the background where the high-rise buildings are overgrown atop historical ones, in front of which modern transportation machines are rushing by.

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      • Thanks. I think the background high rises are now being replaced with maybe even taller buildings. As for the man with the briefcase – I did like the angle of his body and diagonals convey energy. I think the older man is stiffly drawn. I would have fears for him getting out of the way of the oncoming bus.

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