At one life group I attend they seem to make things as difficult as they can to work. Here they insist on two models who then turn up late and before the main pose the group decide to do some ‘warm-up’ sketches, as if there is some chance of pulling a muscle when lifting your charcoal. Then as soon as you get started it’s time for a tea break. This is what I managed. I did like the way the female sat languidly in the light, though I think that right knee of the male could do with a touch of remodelling.


This one, at a more organised session,  was as much about taking out as putting down. I wanted a rougher feel to the work and think I got it.


Finally a more staid pose, but the turned up foot posed some difficulty.

Other life paintings area available on my website:  


  1. Thanks Sharon. You can get different textures depending on the surface and application. There was a time I liked skimming the surface with the flat of the pastel. Now I am more into scrubbing the pastel into the surface to get harsher and denser colours. With the male figure I started to take out a lot of my marks and then go in with new ones over the top.
    Doing the life sessions allows you to play around with different media and sometimes something works.


    • Thanks Jasonas. Life drawing not only improves your drawing and observational skills it also allows you to play around with different media and techniques and it forces you to work against the clock – and there’s never enough time…

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