I was thinking of getting my oils out for this one but decided that first I might just sketch it out in pastels, and here is the result. I certainly like the lost and found edges lending an air of mystery to the piece and the way the land dissolves into the atmosphere.

I took it from a couple of photos combing the best bits although I am a little unsure of the darkness that pervades the bulk of the image even though, as I keep telling myself,  this is necessary to state the highlights.

Other landscapes are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


  1. Hi Graham – You have really captured the movement of the clouds over head of the valley. I like how you added just a sliver of light beneath the fog and land, it adds so much to the dimension.

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  2. I quite like the ethereal feeling of the piece and i really like how you handled painting a green dominted landscape and it looks very pleasing. Its tricky to paint a green landscape and not have it look boring or garish,well done!
    I’ve been seeing a lot of landscape painting in pastels from UK artist’s and its sooo cool and interesting that it seems like i can look at the painting and tell that the artist hailed from the UK. That’s not to say they all look alike not at all it’s just thst landscape must be spectacular views and a privilege to paint. I live in New England USA,central Massachusetts Worcester to be exact. And it takes a vehicle to get grand views so kudos to the landscape painters of the UK for your inspiring paintings!

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    • Thanks for taking time to comment. Yeah, green is a bugger of a colour in large amounts, what I find works is constantly changing it tonally, so a good range of lights and darks and then adding different blues and yellows and reds to keep it varying throughout.
      I know what you mean about the location of landscape artists, but perhaps it’s the way we use the land. Here in the UK we have less land so fields are frequently broken up into small pockets with walls and hedges, so that might be a giveaway. Though it still takes a vehicle to get to this spot for me, which is over an hour from where I live.
      Having said that, though, I posted a painting on 31st January -Into the Woods – which comes from a place just north of where you live, which I visited one autumn – though I think it could pass for woodland around where I live – well I am going to have a go at passing it off as that, anyway.

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