Just wanted to try this scene in pastels. I liked the light  and the complementary green and reds to which I added to keep the rhythm going.  The figures seem a little stiff now that they are up on the screen, but I was trying  out a subject that was more than a life model pose and which contained some context. This is something I would like to explore  further.

Other pastels of figurative subjects are available on my website:


    • Thanks Steve – I suppose this is a product of life drawing. With life drawing you are time constrained. I also use life drawing to explore different media, as well as the observational exercise it provides. With work like this you can play with narratives as you say and you have as much time as you need to develop it.

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      • indeed graham i agree, but that also depends on whether you are drawing in situ or from a photo, i should imagine the life poses would be easier to draw as its only the figure you concentrate on, whereas if its in a bar setting there is lots going on and takes more concentration, however I have not ever painted either subject so i could be talking twaddle..

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  1. I think it varies Steve. At a life session you have a time constraint and you are working in an unfamiliar and sometimes restricted environment.
    In the comfort of a studio, with all the time you need, there is certainly less pressure.
    But as you say, the complexity of the subject adds another dimension. But you can do this at a life session. I know someone who paints the painters as well as the model on a weekly basis. You can make it as complex as you like.
    Each genre has its own problems, perhaps it doesnt make much sense to try and establish a hierarchy.


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