I wanted to try some more townscapes and get a little more rawness into the image. This is one of Liverpool with the Liver Building silhouetted in the background. I have done this view before and put it on the blog,  but getting figures in this time and making them prominent gives the image more depth and vitality.

Other townscapes including those of Liverpool are available on my website grahammcquadefineart.com




    • Thanks Charlie. It’s worth having a go. Pastel is a very direct medium and you can create an image very quickly. (Although it is a bit messy on the fingers) You can also combine it with watercolours. A local artist, James Bartholomew does this with great effect:
      .http://www.jamesbartholomew.co.uk/ Although he puts his pastels over gouache – but it also works with transparent watercolour.

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      • Wow cool! Thanks for the link! I have to admit it’s the messy bit that always makes me pause with pastel. Though, honestly, watercolor is less messy than other painting mediums and I can still manage to make a bit of a mess! hehe


  1. I like the atmosphere and the liveliness going on here. If I may offer a critique, I’d like to see the figures spread out a little more than they are. They are standing at different depths but all the figures in the foreground ended up with their heads at the same height- almost in a line. I am not very good at perspective myself so don’t know if that was avoidable. Still I enjoy this image and I love your color scheme!

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    • Yeah, I have issues with the figures. I also feel that they are in a line and could do with separating spatially. The people at the kerbside are as they appear on one of the photos. I could introduce a couple extra figures in front to give more of a crowd than a queue. I could also push the woman on the right back a bit and get her a companion to fill the right space and give more depth and reduce the impression of a line.
      I disagree with the heights, though. There is a normal variation of height and on the flat, perspective dictates that heads are at around the same height. It is the feet which change.
      Also the building on the right needs a bit of tweaking. Though I am generally happy with the atmosphere of the painting. I am intending to have another go at it.
      Thanks for your comments, you very rarely get criticism on this platform and it does help to assess the work.

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