I was doing another painting of our local beach but things got out of control and I washed off what I had done with the intention of starting again, but when I got the paper dry again my heart had gone out of the project and as it was a piece of reclaimed paper I thought that I would try out an idea I had been carrying around in my head.

I am quite happy with the result and though a few of the panels could be improved I think that there is scope for further development and I might even be able to create a small series on the idea. Anyway, I’ll post any further work here.

Other landscapes and townscapes are available for sale on my website:


    • Thanks Ursula. It really is just a compilation of my normal work though in this compilation a narrative emerges. Also by sketching this out I have clear image which allows thoughts of development and refinement.

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  1. I like this thought provoking piece. I wouldn’t presume to know how you feel; however, I think it is a departure from your other work. Your other paintings convey beautiful cityscapes, appreciation for the human form, and wonderful everyday life in gardens/beaches/etc. – man and nature doing well together. Might this painting be the result of recent frustration with the way things are going, or am I overthinking your motivation?

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    • Thanks for taking time to comment Eduardo. I am always on the lookout for vehicles to express some of my feelings. Most turn out a bit clunky, but I was pleased with some aspects of this, even though it isn’t too profound.
      I do love landscape, that’s why I paint so much of it, but I am always looking for ways to develop. However, none of this is new for me, have a look in December 2013, one of my earliest blogs – All the King’s Men.

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