I was asked to do a painting demonstration of a townscape in watercolour which I delivered on Friday night. This picture above was a dry-run I did just to check timings and jot down a running order. I gave the  actual painting I did on the night to the club which is why I’m posting this.

I did the original version  and posted it on this blog in October last year, so this image might appear familiar.

The demo seemed to go well, though the tree I did by throwing various autumnal colours onto  water sprayed paper ran a bit more than I had anticipated as I had the painting at a steeper angle than I normally work at and the paint escaped across the paper.

Other paintings of Liverpool are available on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


  1. I really like the scene. Three things that convey it is a nice day are the color in the trees, reflections on the wet ground, and people being out.

    For us beginners, it’s useful to see a problem and how to manage it. I would guess that seeing the paint run and watching you manage it was interesting.

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    • Thanks Eduardo – it was pretty interesting for me: thankfully I had some tissue. It also helped for wiping the floor when I realised that, despite putting a cover down, some of my splattering had found its way onto their floor. Not sure about the painting but at least I made a good job of cleaning the floor.

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