Well, we have been suffering a few days of good weather around here, so I have been getting up early and getting down to the Leeds to Liverpool Canal to do some early morning painting. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, this is a project I am doing on views of the canal – so this is the fact-finding part,


In earlier days I took my bike and combined painting with some exercise, but for a variety of reasons I have taken the car and gone directly to a particular stretch of the canal.


As it has been at a more leisurely pace I have taken a flask of tea with me. At the time of getting up – around 5-30, by the time I get to a suitable site and sit on my stool, a cup of tea really helps me to focus. I am quite pleased with these sketches and the tea may have something to do with it.


I may work some of these sketches up into paintings – so you have been warned. I have also taken a number of photos as well, so I am accumulating the information,


Paintings of the canal and narrowboats  are available for sale on my website:


    • Ah, the dulcet voice of reason speaking on behalf of civilisation – always good to hear. I look forward to the day when you can separate the subjective from the objective and glimpse humanity.
      In the meantime I would avert your gaze.

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    • Thanks Marissa. For these, when painting outside, I start the mass of foliage with yellows and yellow greens. When this is dry I go in with a medium green and dark er greens to develop the shape of the trees. Very dark greens and purple blues can be added for further emphasis later.
      When working at home I use a mask and with a coarse spray wet specific areas and then throw paint at it, starting with lighter yellows/ yellow greens. Depending on the situation I might go in with darker greens with it still wet or let it dry and then respray. Whilst the foliage is wet I will go in with a strong dark and create branches that will bleed in places.
      Basically start off light and get darker and mix the colours on the paper as you build up the tone.

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