The project of doing some local scenes has once again taken another backward step, in a similar way as with the last two paintings I posted.

I went down to the beach to observe  the local shrimpers coming back from the sea with their harvest and decided on a scene to paint, but I was disappointed with the result and abandoned it at the sketching stage.

I then cobbled together the  scene which I  painted above, but I made so many changes and additions as I progressed, that  I would need to do it again if I were to contemplate trying to sell it. At least the exercise crystallised my thoughts as I  dragged parts from six  photos but even then I had to make up bits.

In the end I got something which might work and I can now go back and get some more reference material,  aware of what it is I’m looking for.

Other local Southport scenes are a available on my website:


  1. I like your honesty about the frustrations you feel at times about what you paint! I love your subjects, too – so different than what I have in California.

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  2. Thanks, everywhere has its own identity and your own neighbourhood has a familiarity which inhibits painting when you see it regularly and have painted it before. I am certainly finding this on the project of painting my locality and strive to find different lighting conditions or unique angles.
    Perhaps I need a holiday to see some fresh challenges.


  3. I like this iterative approach and am going to try it on an orchard series. One of my instructors uses it on every painting by first doing a value study then multiple sketches before composing a final painting. It works for her.

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