The organiser was away for this session so I got the model to strike a more compact pose. It also helped that the session was not as full, so I was able to move into a better position. Normally at this session you can get there half an hour before the start and you are still having to squeeze yourself into  the little space that is left.


The figure above was sparsely done, using the paper  as a tone, but I did like the cushion she rested her arms on.


I did this in about 50 minutes in an evening session where they spend most of the time doing quick poses. I dont normally take my pastels to this session, because of the lack of time. Here I just banged in some primary colours and I was quite pleased with the result.


I normally do these charcoal studies at the evening sessions. You have enough time to make a measured drawing, consider your marks and  develop tone. I also find the constant rushing of quick poses leaves me skittish and hyper, like I’ve just consumed five cups of coffee. So before I start these longer 50 minute poses I need to pause, slow down and consider, before I start a measured piece.


And sometimes you wonder why you bothered. Well I tried.

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