The dahlias are out in my garden and I thought that I would have another go at some of the cactus dahlias. I have tried this same subject before on my blog. This time I think I got the fluffiness of the flower along with it’s intricacies, but I was hoping for a looser and more vibrant background, although I was trying to keep to a fairly tight colour range at the same time. I may burden you with this subject again. We’ll see.

Other floral paintings are available on my websites: grahammcquadefineart.com or grahammcquadefineart.co.uk


  1. Nice painting, Daliahs are beautiful flowers. I remember I had them a while ago and we would take the bulbs inside in the winter, and replant them in the spring so that the frost wouldn’t kill them. I really like your warm greens and whites in this painting.

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  2. Thanks Shawn. I did the same as you – but now I leave them in and they seem the stronger for it and I dont lose any. I would have thought that once the snow covers them they should survive – but I have been wrong before.


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