This was another response to to the forest walks we went on, described in previous blogs.  In fact I completed this one before the last blog I posted. I tried some sketches first in pastel and in the end decided to combine them all for the final piece.

Any resemblence to Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie is coincidental and I did get increasingly aware of it  as I built up the painting, with its lines and small blocks of colour particularly as he  did some very inspiring trees as well – well worth a look at.

Other abstract paintings are available for sale on my website:

10 thoughts on “STAND – ACRYLIC PAINTING

  1. I like the idea of doing oil pastel sketches first then using good bits to put together into a final painting. I must try this so thanks for that. I’m just starting out with abstracts and I’m still feeling my way. This is a great interpretation of a woodland- well done !

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  2. Thanks for that. Some people can do abstracts on the hoof – almost making it up as they go along. If I do that I end up going down narrower and narrower channels and finish up in a mess. I need to have some ideas to latch onto which I can develop and some, at least, partial aim points. I do a lot of representational and life work and you have an aim there – even if you deviate a bit so adopting this approach is very similar.


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