I used my liquid acrylics to start this off and am quite pleased with some of it. Other parts are a bit more pedestrian than I would have liked – and I dont mean the figures crossing the road.

I did a similar thing last year, which I posted,  even using a few of the same motifs, as you can see below, and got similarly bogged down with an illustrative approach. The liquid acrylics helped liven up proceedings in the latest  painting and, I feel,  opened up some options. Every time I see the painting, I add or  change bits of it, so maybe it isnt finished yet.

I need to try developing the approach on another image and see if I can avoid some of the pitfalls that beset me.


Other paintings of Liverpool, Formby and Southport are available for sale on my website:


  1. There is no style to these paint strokes…they are utterly banal.
    Check my website for the style and panache that one requires.
    …..even to paint settings that lack.inspiration.



    • Not you again. I know you dont like my work. Simple answer -dont keep returning to my website. And your first sentence lacks sense -appears your critical skills are worse than your opinion of my painting. Grow up and stop drinking you might be less vituperative.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jennifer. I have reservations about them myself and am looking to rework parts of it – though there are parts I am pleased with.
      Mirage is one of many manifestations of a troll who has been pestering me for a while. I may make matters work by replying to some of their idiotic outbursts.
      Their anonymity indicate their cowardice and if they do it to others they could stifle people’s creativity and endeavours.
      Not me though – I can see through their transparent bigotry. Though you feel they may have some serious issues about themselves.


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