I wanted to try out some textures on this one with the sky, sea, rocks and pebbles all requiring different approaches. I would like to have added further detail and texture, such as building up the seaweed and pebbles, but was aware that I was getting too fussy. It was a good exercise and like so many paintings, you get to the end and realise that there were slicker and better ways of achieving your aims. So perhaps another go later.  

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  1. I think you’re being a bit harsh on yourself here Graham, I think the sea shimmer is wonderful and I like the way that the detail in the foreground is enough information for the imagination to see and make perfect sense of everything in the mid-distance and towards the horizon. Just my opinion but I think this is much more successful than you’re giving yourself credit for!

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    • Thanks John for the kind comments. You know yourself when something doesnt come up to your expectations. If I was excited about it I would be working out where I was going to exhibit it – but I’m not. Though there are some learning points for me and I may work on them.

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