We flew into Hanoi and almost as soon as we arrived we were whisked off to Halong Bay. It was impressive, but very similar to Krabi in Thailand with less sunshine and even more tourists – this was industrial tourism.

I had wanted to get the limestone stacks in a sunset or sunrise. Unfortunately I was swimming at sunset and the sunrise was a cloudy affair. Still I did get some good photos.

As for Hanoi. We were only there for a matter of hours, staying near the old quarter. It was pandemonium. I would have loved to see more – but perhaps my health wouldn’t have taken it. We had to get the night train out and head south to Hue.

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  1. We just got back last Sunday and I can’t believe you have time to paint! I took about 1600 photos but no painting, just too much to do and running around. For me, Hanoi was one of the most interesting part of the trip and where we got immersed in the Vietnamese culture (4 days there) . Enjoy your trip, you’ll love Hue !

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  2. Thanks Suzanne. I am envious of your time in Hanoi. Riding around Hue on a motorbike, though, was an eyeopener. I do like time to paint as it allows you to pause and reflect and take in the view. I also dont do complicated subjects. Hopefully I will have a few more paintings to post in the upcoming days.


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