Up at 4-30 today to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat – along with a few thousand others. Waiting for the light I was able to sketch the outlines and make some colour notes. Probably not the most spectacular sunrise, but it was comfortably cool at that hour.

The day before we had tramped through the searing heat and visited some of the other temples in this massive complex. In the 12th century it was reported to be the biggest city on earth. Cracks and leaning buildings are testament to war, not earthquake. The displays of carving are exquisite and there are so many of them.

Other landscapes are available for sale on my website:


  1. Thanks Warren – though I wont be getting to Myanmar.
    At Angkor Wat the people were behind me mainly chattering away – though there are quite a few figures implied in the sketch of Phnom Penh. I do like painting street scenes into light, but this is an escorted trip and you have to grab opportunities rather than be able to plan them.
    As I’ve said to others, I regard the act of sketching more as a meditative act. It slows you down and you start to observe. At Hoi An it took me a while to realise that all the boats had eyes painted on them – like ancient Greek warships. Whilst I painted there the woman who sold me a drink, got into her boat and started to scavenge the banks for shellfish. It was a very pleasant morning away from the crowds.


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