I decided to get a collection of flower paintings together for a future exhibition and also as a couple of painting groups have asked for flower demos later in the year. But things are going badly. This was one of lillies (above) will be destined for scrap paper – but at least it’s good practice.

I did manage to get my Camellias into better shape- after posting them earlier and having reservations about them – I had another go – I think this was the third attempt, below. I am happier with this one – but progress is slow.

Other floral art is available for sale on my website:


  1. Thanks Jo. The first photo does flatter the painting, whilst the second one underplays that painting. The second painting has a pleasing lushness which doesnt
    come across on the photo.Well that’s my story anyway.

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  2. Thanks Melissa, but as I said above, the photo is flattering to the painting and as I try and sell my work, if I have reservations about it then others certainly will. I may well have another go at it as this lily is about to flower soon but at the end of the day it is just a piece of paper.


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