A few years ago I reroofed my garage which entailed reboarding it. I had a lot of off-cuts and, being naturally parsimonious, I stored them, despite having no idea of what to do with them. A couple of months ago an idea trickled into my head and after a few sketches and a pretty useless maquette, I came up with this. I still need to do a bit more filling and then paint it to give it some weather proofing.

Yesterday it came out of the workshop and I thought I would try it out on the centre of the lawn – the wife didnt complain too loudly, so that was some kind of victory.

With the sun shining, the facets were accentauted, so I thought I might as well photo it and post the images. I am quite pleased with the outcome – so long as those pigeons dont use it as a perch…

Other paintings and sculptures are available for sale on my website:


  1. I dont know Sharon. Have you seen the mess they make under trees? They may not think much of my art – but crapping on it … c’mon. I’d prefer them on the roof, better still someone else’s roof.


  2. Thanks Lori, I’ve already started to paint it. Even though the wood is tanalised it will quickly blacken and the wetting/drying effect of the weather will cause it to crack and disintegrate unlesss I do something. I have a number of wooden sculptures in the garden and they need annual varnishing to prevent them deteriorating.
    Though I suppose some people find beauty and intrigue in the slow disintegration of wood.

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