In June I awoke to a glorious morning, gathered my paints and cycled to a spot where I knew at least a couple of good paintings lurked. When I got near, I dropped down onto the low lying marshland behind the coastal belt and suddenly could barely see in front of my nose because of the mist.

I stayed close to the coastal belt and painted the image below which I posted in June. I wouldnt have bothered normally. It was a fight from beginning to end as the paint took ages to dry because of the cold and humidity. As I packed up to go the sun at last broke through. The light on the grasses and nettles threw up interesting patterns and I took a few photos.

This one may be green but with all the activity it isnt calming. Now I’m thinking there may be too much green.

Other local landscapes and landscapes in general can be found on my website:


    • Thanks Laureen. Yes plenty of masking fluid. But I added it a bit at a time, first onto an unevenly toned paper, then I slightly darkened it again in an uneven way, let that dry and added more masking fluid, all the time emulating grasses and leaves with the fluid. Then repeating it again and again adding darker tones . When I had had enough I rubbed it all off and it did look good. I then tidied edges with darker tones and finished off other bits with some white gouache toned with yellows and greens. Then I glazed over some areas with yellows and purples.
      It gives a much better result than masking white paper .

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