I have been fighting with floral paintings recently and not getting very far. I need an image for an upcoming demo and fortunately I have a bit of time to come up with something. So, I just wanted a break – a different subject, to set the juices running – and following on from my last post ( which was itself a trial for another demo) I thought that I would return to feel good paintings – if nothing else but to make me feel good. This was a treat to paint this – mainly washes of luscious colours. First the sky, the sea and the beach then, when that was dry, the tree and bushes etc in one hit, mixing colours on the paper. Again, I let that dry before extending the dark area of shadows, people and paraphernalia dropping in bright colours into the shadow and leaving small gaps for the chinks of light. After that, all I needed to do was paint the two front figures and those in the distance, then add a bit of texture in the sand. It was done by lunchtime – my kind of painting – putting me in a happier frame of mind.

Incidently, the beach scene was from photos I took whilst painting the scene below which I posted in February. It was a beach in Thailand – great subjects where ever you looked. I then added the front figures from other sources.

Other seaside paintings are available for sale on my website:


  1. Nice beach, it reminds me of Sand Bank Provincial Park, on Lake Ontario. It has some beautiful sand dunes, up to about 50Ft High, and coastal wetlands. There are these little lakes behind the main beach, and a place called West Lake. Our Great lakes are literally “Fresh Water Seas” In a gale, they can even get massive ocean like waves.

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    • Thanks Shawn. Not many dunes on that beach unlike where I presently live north of Liverpool. I have painted them many times if you look under the category of beach
      I also have an appreciation of the Great Lakes, having lived on Lake Michigan for about a year.


      • When I was in college, in Kingston, I lived within 0.5km of Lake Ontario. It is the smallest great lake, but its still massive. I think 300km long or something. Kingston is the city where the St Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario. It is also a very old city by Canadian Standards. There was a British fort there in the 1780s. There is also Wolfe Island which is a massive island across from the city. General Wolfe was a Canadian General that fought the French in Quebec City. Of course you know this, but the British had a very bad habit of Taking over places. lol, Quebec City, a city 80% French being run by British.

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    • Yeah, some Brits would still like to rule the world if they could.
      I’ve been to lake Ontario a couple of times, but mainly on the US side. A number of years after working in Michigan I worked for Kodak in Rochester and drove along the southern shores.


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